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Consulting and assistance 

software supervising and consulting

(assistance for analysis, development and integration of other supplier’s software, support and guidance of customer’s programmers, tender proceedings, expert opinions and reviews)

hardware counselling

(design of the optimal configuration according to the future company development)
references: Suzuki Motor Czech – software counselling, hardware counselling and administration, TV Prima – counsels on intranet system selecting, TV Nova – professional website review, Albion – third-side website supervising

Why with us? 

Why to resolve your affairs together with us? 

Because we have already been offering our services for a long time. We support our customers with unusually complex services aiming to a complete technological security of their know-how. We are able to analyze their internal information, find weaknesses, suggest a more efficient attitude and also implement it. We surveyed many companies' needs, have rich experience with their IT and we often find similar, repeating problems. We know how to fix them and do not hesitate to hand it over.
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