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Analyses and Customer Research 

strategy of company information, horizontal and vertical structuralisation, integration

(which business information is suitable to computer processing, by which means and how the means will be cooperating)

data architecture and data processing analyzing

(detailed specification, logic stucture and relation among information, their virtual representation and communication)

content management

(SEO web applications, applications client-server, advanced data sources and documents administration)

marketing sources

(built-in parametrised services)

system administration and regular upgrade

(securing of continuity with developer platform, resulting in flexibility and prompt response to new requirements)


(on hardware and software levels)

packaged software

Air cargo – for orders administration and (printed) forms generating (own system),
Epass – business information system (Epass management system)
references: Suzuki Motor Czech – dealer system, RGW, Militzer and Münch spol. s r.o., ART-TRANS - intranet information system for foreign trade

Why with us? 

Why should you entrust us with your background IT administration? 

Because we have already achieved a lot. We have been building applications since the internet was not yet spread around and we will carry on. With us you can be sure that your company system will not get old, but will grow together with you.
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