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Web development 


(intuitive controlling, logic structure and levels optimisation, forms optimisation)

content optimalisation and visibility

(SEO, using of suitable means matching current searching engines strategies)

registration in searching engines



(detailed access statistics, advanced methodics, personal parametres configuration, funnels, marketing strategies)


(e-mail server administration)


(BTB, BTC, e-shop)

administration and edition centres

(user-administrated databases)

validations, expert reviews

(rational HTML code validity)
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Why with us? 

Why is our company the very company suitable to create your on-line presentation? 

Because we are able to offer more. For most of our important customers we had already developed their intranet information systems during past years and the extension to the internet was only a reasonable step, standing on these strong foundations. We can perfectly separate the solution's core from it’s graphical representation which turns into our customer’s advantage in their future economy of the necessary, regular upgrades and design changes, that no longer affect the core. Only by this method you will always be in and what's more - by minimal costs.
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