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(webdesign, printed advertisements – original design for every customer, more proposals to pick from, alterations of the final design until the absolute satisfaction, we do not use templates)

user interface ergonomics

(graphics simplifies orientation throughout the website, supports it's logic, highlights the content and makes use of the laws of visual perception)

optimisation of content size

(minimizing of the memory space required for graphics and photography maintaining the maximal quality at the same time)

consistent company image

(matching online and classical advertisement - website banners, printed advertisements, logos, business cards, business letter papers)


(product photos, online photoalbums, sound, Flash design, Flash movie, video, panorama)

professional HTML e-mail

(graphical offers, commercial campaignes)
references: we will be very pleased to provide you with the references on reguest

Why with us? 

Why are we the most suitable people for building your pleasant company image? 

Because our people are not either designers or programmers but both designers and programmers. We love design, feel it and know how to make it web-compatible. With us is not equal that graphics must slow down the solution or Flash is not suitable for on-line applications. Our artwork is always unique and according to the request we either respect or create our customer’s final image.
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